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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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setting the fire near sacramento. here is the most recent numbers. it has burned 80,000 acres. more than 2,000 homes are threatened, and containment remains at just 5%. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live near the fire line where the skies are filled with smoke. >> reporter: raj, it is incredibly smoky out here. in fact, my eyes are stinging. now, we are standing alongside highway 50 where you can see the trees along the highway are charred. in fact, some of them are still on fire. now firefighters have been working hard all day to keep the fire from jumping the highway. and while they have managed to do that, they have been successful at that, this beast of a fire is nowhere near contained. 50 helicopters drop water on a fire firefighters describe as growing and dangerous. the king fire more than doubled in size overnight. it has now scorched more than
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71,000 acres. >> it's such a fierce fire in the way it's moving, in the way it's burning. they have no predicted containment date. >> reporter: today cal fire announced an arrest. wayne allen huntsman of aptos was arrested on one count of arson. prosecutors say he willfully and maliciously set fire to land around pollock pines. >> you're darn tooting we're glad. at least he won't set another fire. >> reporter: residents whose house are in danger say they're glad the alleged fire starter has been caused, but the damage caused is irreversible. they're praying their houses will be spared. >> i was nervous when they came and knocked on the door and said get out. that was sunday night. and i went for real? he says yes. it's knocking at your door on those hill others there. >> reporter: nervous locals are trying their best to stay on top of the fire's movements. this woman hasn't been evacuated yet, but she is packed and ready to leave if the fire shifts in her direction. >> we have all our stuff, you
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know, in there, papers, pictures, we don't have pets, but they would be ready to go. and from what i'm understanding, if it did start coming up cable, we would have about an hour to get out. >> reporter: and we're back here live. you can see just how smoky it is out here along highway 50. now, helicopters have been dropping water over this area all afternoon. there is active fire burning very close to us. in fact, you remember seeing the trees just steps away from where we were standing. the other danger is the trees. you can see these lines there is a tree here. these trees are actually in danger of falling on to the highway. we actually witnessed some cleanup of that happening earlier today. that's why highway 50 remains closed. very dangerous there are fire crews out here all around. but again, this fire so far is just 5% contained. reporting live from el dorado county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you. and stay safe where you are. we're going to show you some perspectives here. jodi is down below. this is from our nbc chopper. so jodi is down below there somewhere along highway 50. you can see the scope of the smoke. once again, from our nbc chopper near pollock pines, this is about 30 to 40 minutes east of sacramento right on your way to south lake tahoe. you can see how much smoke is in that area right now in the central valley. and another perspective now from space. nasa releasing this image today. it was captured by an imaging system on board a satellite. what is surprising is this picture was taken on tuesday when the fire was a fraction of its current size. here is a startling look at what is happening across our state. ten fires in all from near the california-oregon boarder in the north all the way down south to the san diego-mexico border. more than 6,000 fire personnel are battling all of these blazes, many of them from here in the bay area. as for the fire off i-5 near redding, this is in the tiny
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town of weed. it's now 65% contained. that's the upside. but high winds continue to be problematic. at any moment, the wind can shift and blow an ember that re-ignites the flames. that's a concern. more than 150 structures have been destroyed, and nearly 400 acres charred. surprising news from the tech world. one of the icons of silicon valley, larry ellison is step do you think as oracle's ceo effective immediately. famous both for his wealth as well as his ego, ellison is one of a kind. what does this move mean? our business and tech reporter scott budman is outside oracle headquarters in redwood shores with more. scott? >> reporter: surprising news, janelle. good evening. ellison says he will relinquish his ceo title instead becoming oracle's chairman and chief technology officer. for nearly four decades, he built oracle into a technology powerhouse, bringing the rest of the industry along with him. >> okay, i have a few announcements this evening. >> reporter: if there was a mt.
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rushmore for technology ceos, larry ellison would probably be up there. >> he was one of the -- in some ways one of the last defining figures of silicon valley. hewlett-packard is gone now. steve jobs is gone now. larry ellison is sort of the last of that generation of the swashbucklers. >> reporter: and it's true. while growing a huge software company and amassing huge wealth for himself and his employees, ellison was famously unpc about his comments. will we ever see that again? >> i'm not sure that in today's day and age where every tweet is scrutinized and there are cameras and live mics everywhere, i'm not sure if we will see another ellison. i'm not sure today's world would really allow another ellison to rise. >> reporter: but ellison's rise starting when he founded oracle in 1977 was steady and very high, bringing the america's cup to the bay area and creating
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tens of thousands of jobs. it's almost hard to believe that ellison is stepping down. >> there is an old joke that has gone around the valley for years about the difference between god and larry ellison is that god doesn't think he is larry ellison. well, god does not retire. so i really want to see what this means over time. >> it means at least a changing of the silicon valley guard and the end of an era. i had the chance to interview larry ellison several times in the last several years. i have the feeling he might appreciate the fact that two people will take over as ceo. oracle executive safra catz and mark hurd. by the way, as the news got out, oracle's stock dipped a bit after hours. reporting live at redwood shores, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> you bring up valid point. thank you, scott. just who are oracle's two new ceos? long time exec safra catz and former hewlett-packard exec mark hurd. the two have already been
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working as the company's copolice departments. hurd you might recall was at hp but resigned in a firestorm after being investigated in 2010 on accusations of violating the company's sexual harassment policy. he had a relationship with an outside marketing contractor. hp concluded hurd did not violate its policy, but said he submitted inaccurate expense reports which were intended to hide a close personal relationship. just into our newsroom, an apparent act of vandalism at a south bay fire station. investigators believe someone used a bb gun and shot at two garage windows at fire station 35 in south san jose. that station is located on poughkeepsie road. investigators believe it was a random act of vandalism and not a targeted attack on firefighters. the shooting happened between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. fortunately no one was hurt. well, some of us got more than others. on the left, a live look at san jose. the clouds clearing after the bay area saw a dash of rain today. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking what we saw. and i looked up this morning.
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i was happy to see some wetness in the sky from the peninsula. >> i know. just a few drops made all the difference for a lot of us after it has been so dry with our three-year drought in place. you can see the area of low pressure that we tracked today. that storm system is now moving off to the south. let's go ahead and get a look at the rainfall totals. we did have the maximum amounts of rain. down here towards the south bay .15. east bay around.15. and for the north bay one of the highest totals coming in with .66. as we get a closer look, you can see towards mill valley, sausalito, not as much. once you hit sonoma, .23 this and nearly a half inch in healdsburg. not only decent totals there, but for parts of the peninsula, we also saw the rain gauge take up here, as you can see in our weather underground rainfall net work. and you'll see across kings mountain right close to woodside, we picked up from 2 to 3/10 of rainfall. after getting that rain this morning, we are still clouded in in woodside right now. we'll talk more about how long
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some of this cloud cover is going the linger, plus details on our next storm system that is going to be moving our way, coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay, thank you so much, jeff. we are learning more tonight about the troubled relationship between 49er star ray mcdonald who faces possible charges of domestic violence and his fiancee. this time the attention is focusing on her. just in the past couple of hours, the san jose police department released report of an incident that happened between the two back in may. it reads in part the female subject became upset, grabbed a firearm registered to the male subject and held it at her side. the report goes on to say that when mcdonald told the woman he was going to call 911, she put the gun down and ran away without incident. san jose police are still investigating an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred on august 31st at mcdonald's home. no charges have been filed in that case. >> so as the problems continue and the controversy grows, still no word this week from informal commissioner roger goodell. but the fans are surely speaking up. a new poll shows people are
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unhappy with the way the league is handling all of these problems. jonathan dwyer has joined a growing list of nfl players facing domestic violence charges. >> did you know these charges were going to be filed? >> no. >> reporter: police say the arizona cardinals running back left the mother of his young child with fractured bones after multiple altercations in july. >> after she was physically assaulted, he had took a shoe and threw it at their 18-month-old child records dwyer has denied that he assaulted the woman. however, the cardinals immediately pulled him from the roster and banned him from all team activities. he joins ray rice, adrian peterson and greg hardy, player news on the sidelines after accusations of abuse. >> i think from a league standpoint, we need to address it. >> reporter: the newly released nbc news marris poll shows 53% of americans and 57% of football fans disapprove of how the nfl is handling these recent reports of domestic violence.
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as for nfl commissioner roger goodell? silent. it's been one week since he has spoken publicly. >> goodell has made himself the face of the nfl. and he is now invisible. you know, that's part of the big problem now with this going on, you know. he is just not there. >> reporter: the nbc news poll shows that 29% of adults and 32% of football fans believe the man dub as the most powerful person in sports should step down from his throne. >> he bears tremendous responsibility because now, metaphorically, it's like he has been hit. he has been hit, and the credibility of the league has been hit. >> one former nfl executive said this morning the code of conduct for the national football league in terms of the players is simply outdated and needs to be revised as soon as possible. a rare respiratory virus spreading throughout the country has now arrived in california. i'm michelle roberts. and coming up, hear what doctors say you can do to protect your family. also, the anticipation is
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a rare virus that has sickened dozens across the country is now in california. and state health leaders say it's especially dangerous for children with asthma. nbc bay area's michelle roberts just spoke to a pediatrician in san jose. she joins us live with more about this rare virus. michelle? >> reporter: well, janelle, there are no reported cases here in the bay area, but experts say it is very contagious. in fact, they say kids who have it are contagious the most three days before they even show signs of symptoms. 13-year-old max rowburg has been taught to -- >> cough and sneeze into your elbow or arm and wash your hands. >> reporter: his dad casey says
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he'll continue to remind him of that after hearing about a rare respiratory illness called enterovirus 68, which is now spreading throughout california. >> he actually had rsv as an infant too. so a little more concerned because he's had some lung damage. >> reporter: doctors say enterovirus is especially dangerous for kids with asthma. >> they can't take a deep breath. much worse than their normal asthma attacks. they just can't get a breath in. they're having trouble talk. they need to be seen immediately in the emergency room. >> reporter: dr. christine says enterovirus may look like a normal cold, coughing, sneezing, and can quickly escalate into a serious and contagious respiratory issue. >> that's what they saw in colorado was as soon as school started, they saw the spread and then they started seeing their admissions increase. >> reporter: 150 people in 18 states have tested positive in the last couple of months. today the cdc confirms four more cases in california. three kids in san diego and one
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in ventura. >> it's very important for parents that have asthmatic children to ensure that they have full control of the asthma by having kids take their medications properly. >> reporter: experts say not every child who is exposed will show symptoms. but parents of children with preexisting conditions should continue the healthy reminders. >> wash his hands as always, keep his hands out of his mouth. >> reporter: well, there is no cure. the flu shot won't help. and neither be antibiotics. doctors say really the best way to protect yourself as max said cough into your arm and wash your hands a lot. reporting live in san jose, michelle robert, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. many families are saying no thanks, and that's causing concern at many schools. we're talking about families who are opting out of vaccinations. new numbers show more parents are deciding against vaccinating their kids because of personal beliefs. state health leaders say the drop in vaccination rates may be a factor in the rising number of whooping cough cases and measles. they say this may lead to
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outbreaks of other serious diseases as well. a follow-up now on last night's fundraiser to raise money for sierra lamar's family and volunteers. the san jose sharks helped raise about $13,000. sharks forward logan couture has been following the story of the missing girl from morgan hill and felt he needed to help. he and some of his sharks friends got together to sell autographs. proceeds will go toward food, supplies and equipment for the search center. sierra lamar was a fan and hat a shirt when she disappeared two years ago. investigations into boating safety. the governor signed a bill late this afternoon and it will require first time boaters to pass a safety course before taking to the waters. our investigation found most boating accidents in california are caused by inexperienced or distracted boaters. california was one of only five states which didn't require boater safety education. the new law will take effect in 2018. happening now, guess what?
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those die-hard apple fans are eagerly awaiting the new iphone to go on sale. we've seen this scene play out for the last several years. and that is the latest version. this is downtown palo alto. the iphone 6 goes on sale tomorrow morning. >> it's actually a really good experience. i got to meet a lot of new people, and it's a very different like environment. i've never done this before. so i was like i figured let's do it. >> it's like a part camp-out, part burning man. they're just hanging out. apple employees are trying to make things more comfortable this time around for these campers. apple employees are offering up water and even umbrellas for the rain. workers from santa clara county will be out late tonight spraying for mosquitos in san jose and cupertino. i want to show you a map of the area they are targeting. late last week, the vector control district found several mosquitos carrying the west nile virus in this area. tonight's fogging will begin at 11:00 p.m., weather permitting. workers in san mateo county are also preparing to spray for mosquitos after insects across
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the peninsula tes for the virus. those west nile mosquitos were found in foster city, belmont, redwood city, redwood shores and san mateo. this map highlights where crews will fog on the peninsula, starting at 9:00 tonight. >> okay. so if you're camping outside, waiting for an iphone, will there be rain tonight? and for that we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> do i get a discount if i get the forecast? >> if it's dry, yes. >> man! maybe a little bit of drizzle. but no kind of downpour. but, you know, your iphones would tell you that, right? not as good as me. not as good as me. let's take a live look at this doppler radar right now. and you can see as it scans around our storm system moved on out. that's the same storm system that actually a lot of weather apps that we didn't have a large chance for. anywhere from a tenth of an inch close to a quarter inch for sections of the north bay and the east bay. let's get you outside of the sky camera network right now. you can see the fog is rolling into san francisco. currently 74 degrees across the
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tri-valley. 77 and some blue sky. and right now across the south bay, a mix of some sun and clouds, and also 76. let's take in tomorrow's forecast. there are going to be some key changes as we head throughout your friday. namely, temperatures will be warmer, and we'll also see some dryer conditions beginning to build back in. we'll actually have some of the most sunshine right up into the north bay where that storm system is going to entirely clear out the first position, and then you can see down here across the peninsula, 81 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds and 84 expected throughout the south bay. let's take you right into the weekend forecast. saturday versus sunday. saturday will be slightly cooler. we'll have 85234 the south bay. 75 in san francisco. and for the tri-valley, 89. by sunday's forecast, there is two key changes i want you to see. in san francisco, we'll get some drizzle right along the coastline and 72. and then for the tri-valley numbers, we'll start to pop up into the 90s as well. if you're heading out boating, maybe sailing, looks like saturday to be the better day with temperatures in the low
6:21 pm
70s. a little bit of drizzle again returning as we head throughout sunday's forecast. if you're heading surfing saturday also the better day, because by sunday, that drizzle will be impacting the immediate coastline. and if you're heading boating, inland maybe in some sort of a reservoir, california's got many of them. temperatures will be in the upper 80s. best day for that would be on saturday. and if you're doing any traveling to puerto vallarta, cabo san lucas, watch out. tropical storm paolo is now developing. right now we have wind at 70 miles per hour. this is going to give another glancing blow to cabo san lucas. by friday's forecast, again, that is for tomorrow. so if you happen to head that way, they're still doing the hurricane cleanup. we have another system that is heading there as well. >> so much damage down there. thank you, jeff. still ahead here at 6:00, buyers beware. new information tonight about one of the biggest security breaches ever. plus trying something new? what some border patrol agents will soon be wearing in response to criticism about their alleged use of force.
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they're becoming a lot more common. another mountain lion sighting on the peninsula. this one was reported last night at around 10:30 in the evening. deputy says the mountain lion was seen near the 200 block of club drive in san carlos. this is an they're has a lot of deer, but rarely any mountain lions, at least that are spotted. this follows several sightings along the peninsula and an attack on a 6-year-old boy on a cupertino hiking trail. u.s. border patrol leaders are revealing more about a new plan to test out video cameras out in the field. earlier this week a border protection if i recall told activists concerned about human rights on the border that agents at a training aacademy will start wearing cameras this fall. well, tonight we are learning that academy is in mexico, and the test is set to run from october to december. afterwards, lapel cameras could become a routine piece of gear for border patrol agents. >> with the experience with
6:25 pm
cameras, whether they're in cars or now early on this lapel camera has been that it oftentimes exonerates or protects an officer from an allegation that may not be truthful. and it can be very helpful in later on for court cases. so we'll test these and then we'll move forward from there. >> details of the plan are still up in the air. commissioner says officials are still working out how long video will be stored, and whether the cameras will roll for the entire day, or if there will be rules about when they're off and on. one thing agents won't be able to do is tamper with the video because of security measures now standard on lapel cameras. we're learning more tonight about the security breach at home depot. home depot says its personal information of about 56 million people was stolen. that's bigger than the target breach last year. home depot says it just completed a major security update to its system that should prevent future hacking. the home improvement chain which
6:26 pm
discovered the breach last month says accounts were hacked beginning in april. coming up, funding the fight against isis. the new foiled terror plot that proves that money can't come soon enough. also -- >> a rally here at san francisco city hall for a locally made aids drug that could significantly cut down on the number of infection. but at what price? i'm mark matthews. the story coming up on this edition of nbc bay area news. also, guess who made a surprise visit today. take a look on the left. we'll tell you why mark zuckerberg visited a peninsula high school.
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right now at 6:30, it's a locally made drug that could dramatically reduce the risk of an hiv infection. but at what cost? two san francisco supervisors want nearly a million dollars to help make this drug available to anyone who wants it. but some in the fight against hiv say there are other costs to consider. nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us from san francisco city hall with the story. mark? >> reporter: raj, the drug is trivata made in foster city. in dollar terms, it is pricey. $51 a pill. and you got the take one every day. this week supervisor scott wiener revealed that he has been taking it, and he wants the city to help pay for everyone who wants it. on the steps of city hall,
6:30 pm
supervisor david campos says he is asking the city to approve $800,000 to provide the aids treatment drug truvada. >> this is about protecting the lives of all people. >> reporter: it's a preexposure prophylaxis or prep that can reduce the risk of hiv infection by as much as 99%. this week supervisor scott wiener began using it this year. >> my hope is we'll be able to move the conversation forward, raise awareness and get people thinking about it. and remove the stigma around it. >> reporter: according to wiener, the stigma is the notion that people who use truvada will engage in unprotected sex with lots of partners. but if they're opposed to the mass distribution for a different region. >> you're supposed to take a drug every day for protection, and you don't take it perfectly, that compromises its effectiveness. >> reporter: he says wide scale distribution of truvada will increase the risk that many
6:31 pm
people will only take it occasionally. and then could become infected with a drug resistant form of the disease. >> and i think it's risky to hand it out to the masses without making sure that they're getting regular hiv tests, kidney tests, adherence counseling, et cetera. >> reporter: if they were getting all those things, then you would be unopposed? >> less concerned. >> reporter: now that division is a real bone of contention among aids activists. supervisor wiener says the request for $800,000 is a necessity, but it is far from a done deal. david campos has submitted it as a supplemental appropriation, which he says is never an easy get. reporting from city hall, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. not criminal. that's what police are saying about a newark memorial high school teacher's twitter messages that raised some red flags. investigators say krista hodges' tweets were inappropriate and unprofessional but didn't rise
6:32 pm
to the level of criminal threats. the tweets included phrases like i already wanna stab some kids. that bad? and references to students making her trigger finger itchy. school district says it has taken action over the messages but did not give any details. a more than a decade after the case began, barry bonds' lawyer was back in court today arguing on behalf of the home run king. attorneys for bonds went in front of panel of the ninth u.s. court of appeals. at issue is where he should have his obstruction thrown out. an emergency landing. frightening moment news for passengers on a jetblue flight. this morning, the plane was on its way from long beach to austin, texas when the pilot reported engine problems. the plane returned to the long beach airport, and passengers had to evacuate using emergency slides. now three people suffered minor injuries and were treated right there at the scene. one person was taken to a
6:33 pm
hospital for shortness of breath. now to a developing story. late this afternoon, the senate passed a house approved measure to arm and train syrian rebels to fight isis. president obama says strong bipartisan support in congress shows the world the u.s. is ready to confront this terror threat. >> these terrorists thought they could frighten us or intimidate us or cause us to shrink from the world. but today they're learning the same hard lesson of petty tyrants and terrorists who have gone before. as americans, we do not give into fear. and when you harm our citizens, when you threaten the united states, when you threaten our allies, it doesn't divide us, it unites us. >> the vote comes after a frightening terror bust in australia. police arrested 15 people with ties to isis for planning to behead random australians and post the killings on the internet. and closer to home a new york man plead not guilty for helping three people travel to syria to join isis. happening now, a 300-year-old relationship could
6:34 pm
soon be over. scottish voters are deciding on whether to end its union with great britain and be recognized as its own country. if it does happen, there is a lot to sort out. for example, what currency will scotland use, the euro or the pound? scotland will also be responsible for half of the uk's national debt. now, the final votes are being counted as we speak. we should get the results in later tonight close to midnight. well, chinese e-merce giant with ties to the silicon valley's biggest company is set to make history. alibaba is expected to have the biggest ipo ever. the company stock starts trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. the company priced its ipo at $68 per share today. that values alibaba at more than $167 billion. that's bigger than the current market value of amazon, cisco, and ebay combined. now yahoo based in sunnyvale is closely watching this deal. an estimated half of yahoo's value currently comes from its
6:35 pm
investment in alibaba. alibaba operates a website that lets individuals and small businesses buy and sell online. a big surprise today for a peninsula high school student. >> well, i'm excited to be here. thanks for having me. good morning. >> facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg showed up at sequoia high in redwood city. rosy was set to address her school assembly on the importance of science, technology, engineering and math when the ceo joined her on stage. she says her experience interning at the social network taught her so much. >> i didn't want to really participate in this because i didn't think that girls did it or i thought it was hard and that i wasn't capable of doing it. but along the process, i learned how to code. so it became easy and fun. >> yeah, she got it. rosy was recognized after interning at facebook this year and winning a worldwide competition for creating her own app. >> how cool.
6:36 pm
then they posted it on their facebook time lines, mark zuckerberg was here. >> and we all liked it. still ahead, helping the homeless by cutting off liquor stores. one local city's controversial new plan. and they're not shying away from a bad review. the motivation behind an east bay restaurant's desire to get a one-star rating on yelp. suicides in the western sphere. now new efforts to put in barriers over the next few years would bring down suicides across the region. i'm sam brock. that reality check coming up negotiation. the nbc bay area ipad app. get breaking news, weather reports and video of the day's big stories. download the nbc bay area app now.
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keeping cheap liquor off shelves to keep drunk homeless people off city streets. that's a new plan from san rafael mayor. he has asked stores to stop selling six kinds of malt liquors and inexpensive vod cass. they're popular choices with the homeless because of their low prices and high alcohol content. one store has already agreed to comply with the mayor's request. bring it on. an east bay restaurant is urging customers to give it a bad yelp review. that's right. the staff is offering special discounts for poor reviews. the restaurant is the botto italian bistro in richmond. it says its goal is to be the lowest rated restaurant on the customer review site. right now it's at about 2 1/2 stars. but the restaurant's owners say they're asking, they started asking for bad reviews because they were tired of what they call the website's blackmail
6:40 pm
tactics to force businesses to buy yelp ad the bistro is even offering 25% off of pizza to any customer who gives them a bad review. it appears to be working. the bistro's owner says business is up and customers are embracing the concept. well, it was 44 years ago today that rock 'n roll great jimi hendrix died. and in his honor, madam tussaud's in san francisco unveiled his wax figure today. hendrix is widely regarded as the most influential electric guitarist of all time. madam tussaud's did its homework. he played left-handed which is upside down for the majority of guitar players. there is the a old but new face returning to "saturday night live." former cast member darrell hammond has been named the show's new announcer, replacing the legendary dan pardo who passed away in august. he left "snl" in 2009 after a 14-year run, telephone longest tenure of any cast member. he made his mark as a talented
6:41 pm
impersonator, playing a wide range of characters including bill clinton and al qaeda. "snl's" producer say we may even see him back on camera. the new season for "snl" starts on september 27th. >> right around the corner. >> yeah. jeff ranieri is with us now. we're talking about rain. it kind of left and now it might come back next week. >> i know. you're giving it all away. >> no, no, no. >> something to look forward to. >> it's been a whirlwind. wake up, hear the raindrops. we're forecasting it. we know it's here. it's been so dry for so long, it was awesome. a live look outside of the bay bridge. you can see clearing conditions. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast and the next chance of rain in a few minutes.
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can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones,
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our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. a new state-of-the-art cruise terminal in san francisco welcomed its first ship today. the crown princess pulled in to
6:44 pm
pier 27 this morning. the new cruise terminal was designed to accommodate bigger vessels which carry more passengers who in turn will bring more business to san francisco. >> tourism is san francisco's leading industry. and that place perfectly. and san francisco is a port town. to have a new modern facility, our last one was built 100 years ago. this solidifies her position as a maritime city. >> it is a big upgrade. the city says every cruise ship contributes about $1 million to the region in terms of passengers' purchases, taxes, hotels, and more. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's known for its history and beauty, even though you can't see it right now. but the iconic bridge also comes with a sad side, suicide. >> in june, bridge officials okayed a suicide barrier project that includes a net and higher railings. in tonight's reality check, nbc's sam brock looks into the research to see if the new project will actually bring suicide rates down.
6:45 pm
>> good evening. last year 47 people took their lives by jumping off of the golden gate bridge. that is a sobering and unfortunate reality. but after ten people committed suicide in just one month there last august, it got researchers thinking if there is a way to reduce jumping suicides in general. the golden gate bridge is a landmark that has come to define the bay area. but the iconic bridge also holds the tragic distinction of being among the most popular places in the world to commit suicide. >> the golden gate bridge is the most commonplace for someone to take their life in the western hemisphere, which is extraordinary. >> reporter: so extraordinary that keith humphries, a professor of psychiatry and mental health specialist at stanford decided to look into the data behind preventing such suicides. you see, after years of debate, a $76 million suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge got approved this past summer and will be fully cricked by 2018. but while there isn't much debate the barrier will bring down suicides on-site, will it
6:46 pm
also lower jumping suicides in the region? after looking at years of data and reports, humphries says this is no question the answer is yes. >> we've learned two really important things about suicide prevention in the last 30 years. the first one is that some people have very particular ways that they wish to take their lives. so it's not that they want to end their life in general. they want to end it at the golden gate bridge. and if that option is not available. that will not take their own life. >> reporter: the second thing humphrey says we have learned is suicide residence often impulsive. if the urge can't be satisfied on the spot the urge might go away. the theory is further back upped by a research done by a university of melbourne professor who looked at other major hot spots that received barriers like the ellington bridge in washington and one in switzerland, and concluded that installing the suicide prevention measures largely does not lead to similar attempts at similar sites, surprising as that finding may be. >> the ellington bridge was a
6:47 pm
very common bridge for people to leap from. fences were put up, and the suicide rate dropped dramatically in that area, even though when you're standing on the ellington bridge, you can see the taft bridge. you can walk right over this and take your life. and yet there was no increase in jumping from the taft bridge. >> reporter: humphries says jumping suicides typically fall 86% on-site when the suicide barriers are install and drop 28% for the region as a whole. so good news on a very saddening topic. i'm sam brock. that's tonight's reality check. back to you. >> it is a sensitive issue. >> thank you. some fog we saw rolling across the golden gate. still some sunny skies in the south bay. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff ranieri. >> a lot of this morning were certainly very happy to find some raindrops here across the north bay, east bay and even for the peninsulas. as we get a live look outside of the sky camera network right now, there is still a little bit of lift to that cloud cover, but we don't think we're going to get anything squeezed out in terms of additional rainfall tonight. maybe some drizzle at the coastline, but that's about it. we'll take you to the peninsula
6:48 pm
microclimates. our brand-new weather data coming in from weather underground will show the have and the have-nots. across palo alto, nothing in terms of measurable rainfall. you may have had a few drops, but it didn't accumulate to a whole lot. currently 74 degrees. now at kings mountain up above 2,000 feet, 2300s of an inch of rainfall. if you live higher in elevation, that's where you saw some telephone higher totals, elevations to eek out additional moisture. it's called orographic lifting. right near sea level, we only had .06. if you lived in the higher levels, it was better for you. it was that way across the east bay, alameda and also contra costa county. nothing for livermore ands me on the. but you head up to above a thousand feet back in the hills of moraga, lafayette from .04 to .11. the berkeley hills picking
6:49 pm
up .19. we still do have a few pockets of blue sky at this hour across the south bay. right now 76. the east shore looking beautiful. and 76 as well. we'll take you back to the tri-valley. and where we picked up little to nothing in terms of rainfall, that's going to be the driest on the roadways tonight and also your safest commute throughout the evening hours. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout our friday. it's going to be warmer and it's lsd going to be sunnier. now that our storm system is moving off towards the south. hotter in morgan hill with 88. for the peninsula, pacifica popping up to 70. a lot more sunshine as well. 76 in foster city and 80 in palo alto. san francisco getting up into the 70s 23 you're heading out towards soma, the financial district, 74 degrees. all right. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. napa a huge turnaround. 88 and sunny skies. temperatures jumping some 5 to 7 degrees. and for tri-valley getting close to the 90s. comfortable in pleasanton,
6:50 pm
expectling 86. by this weekend's forecast, we're going see numbers increase as we head throughout saturday. not a whole lot. but it's going to be going up. we'll have 85 in the south bay. san francisco 75. and the north bay 88. now by sunday's forecast we have two notable changes here. the first someone the fact that we should have some drizzle in san francisco. temperature will cool a bit. and notice the tri-valley numbers expected to pop up to right around 90 degrees. all right. let's go ahead and take you to that next rain chance. we're having a substantial system build by next tuesday's forecast. but the problem yet again with this storm system is as that continues to develop, most of the projections keep the heaviest rainfall to the north. we will look at the chance of rain developing by wednesday at 10:00 a.m. it doesn't look like a major storm system, but there is still four, five, six days out until this arrives. we could see it change in the other way. let's hope it does that. >> we'll cross our fingers for some rain. thank you, jeff. can it get any worse for the athletics? we'll show you what happened this afternoon at the coliseum, and what it means for the
6:51 pm
play-off race. geraud moncure joins us next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
geraud moncure joins us now from the comcast sportsnet studios. i don't know what else to say. we just feel bad for what is happening with the a's here. >> you know what, raj and janelle, ever since they made that trade for jon lester, they traded yoenis cespedes a month and a half ago, something has been missing. it just has not worked and it's gotten worse. ast after last night's ninth inning meltdown against the ranger, a's closer sean doolittle came out and said the stung defeat could be a rallying point for the team or the loss could be where the wheels finally come off.
6:54 pm
after watching what happened today, let's hope it's neither. a's looking to avoid a sweep against the rangers this afternoon. baseball's worst team, sunny gray on the mound. line drive to left. 1-0, texas. next hitter, tomas slapping another base hit to left field. adrian beltre comes around. 2-0 game. sonny gray of course not happy as the frustration continues to mount. next hitter. ryan rua, base hit up the middle. smoll lynskey trucks to the plate. rangers score four runs in the first inning and the a's lose 7-2. it appears to be falling apart all around for the green and gold. >> win. win games. i mean, at this pace, every day we're talking about we're still in the wild card. we're still first in the wild card. all that is moot unless we start to play better. we'll find ourselves in no position if we continue to lose. so it's all about tomorrow's game.
6:55 pm
off the field, another loss for the a's, the giants are moving their aaa affiliate from fresno to sacramento. raley field, home of the river cats, one of the great facilities in minor league and will make reassign. for the g-men much easier. vernon davis and vance mcdonald missing practice again due to injury. if neither can play sunday at arizona, derrick carrier will get the start. the second year tight end pulled in three catches during sunday's loss to the bears for 41 yards, including a 22-yard reception. >> he is definitely an ascending player. there is definitely things he needs to work on. but he has done a nice job. it's a good feel for the passing game. has really improved his blocking. >> i'm focusing on the game plan. i have the utmost faith in them. and whatever they give us, i'm going to do my best to study it and to perform it on the field. >> raiders running back maurice jones-drew returned to full workouts for the first time since having surgery on his hand
6:56 pm
september 8th. however, there is no call made yet on his availability for sunday's game at new england. >> i think the big thing with him is just making sure that he can, you know, function in the role of a running back. you know, and if he can do that, then without really any limitations, then, you know, we want to have him up and playing. >> through the season's first two weeks, that raiders rush attack averaging just 63 yards per game. their leading rusher by the way is quarterback derek carr. there is never a good thing unless you're running the option, which they certainly are not. >> okay, geraud. >> it's going to be tough for the raiders. >> i know. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, geraud. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage watch sportsnet central on cam cast. the university will receive the money for food-related money. it will be used to help establish a new institute
6:57 pm
dedicated to looking into sustainable food, agriculture, and health. not sure how the candy comes into play here. the university will also use $20 million of its own money to help start this new institute. >> that is a sweet donation. >> sweet! >> and hopefully we will have some more rain, right? >> yes. >> this weekend is looking nice, though. >> it is. it's a little bit tasty. i know, it's not the best play on words. >> sweet. >> for a weatherman. yes. tomorrow's highs, we are going to be clearing out from the rainfall. well will have warmer temperatures, and also increase sunshine. 84 for the south bay. throughout the peninsula, low 80s. tri-valley, 86. even mild in san francisco with 72 and the north bay, sunny skies averaging 83. now, as we head throughout the saturday and sunday, we'll see slight warming and the next chance of rain will come by wednesday and thursday. >> i love seeing all the cameras right now when the sun is setting. >> that's beautiful. >> thanks for join uh here at 6:00. see you at 11:00. >> good night, folks.
6:58 pm
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joan rivers' doctor tracked down by "extra" on the streets of new york. >> our caught-on-camera confrontation right now on "extra." ♪ joan rivers' throat doctor to the stars out of hiding and ducking for cover. >> is it true you took a selfie? >> joan's daughter melissa speaking out today. will she sue? a mushroom cloud over the set of the new "view." rosy and nicole at war on and off the set? >> he doesn't love people? >> i don't think so. >> what happened when they were both reportedly called into the boss' office. the magician takes the crowd on "agt." now the big question, is howard stern planning a disappearing act? >> are you retiring and moving


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